Forget your business cards!

A contactless business card to transfer your details

Paper is over

BastaPrint: transfer your details with a QR-code
or a connected business card

Two ways to be remarkable

and to send your contact information in one second
with a QR-code or a physical connected business card
by BastaPrint

A QR-code on your phone to replace all other cards
Free: a QR-code on your mobile phone

Handles multiple profiles (personal, business, hobby, ...)
Compatible with 100% of mobile phones

A contactless business card to transfer your details
Elegant: a connected card

From 29,99
Fully customizable
Compatible with all recent phones

Good for you, good for the planet

Paper business cards are expensive, and 88% of them go straight into the trash within one week. So what’s the use?

With digital cards, you will be noticed…
Use some tricks to be more visible!


Each year, 10 billions business cards are printed. This requires 2.5 millions trees !

Add to that the energy required for manufacturing and transport… The GHG impact is huge!

Adopt a connected card: the Planet will thank you!

Pretty business cards, lifetime cards!

Thanks to BastaPrint, you will never need to print business cards anymore!

The front side can be fully customized
Make the card unique

On a PCV or wood basis,
our interface help you to be serious or creative,
and to easily design a card just like you!

The back side shows a QR-code. This makes the card compliant with 100% of phones
The content can always be modified!

You can always modify your details:
with the same QR-Code or the same connected card,
your new details will be transmitted automatically.

Your code or your card can contains… whatever you want!
Name, contact details, mail & email addresses, web site, LinkedIn profile, social networks, agenda, book, …

Manage easily all your lives!

On the BastaPrint site, you can easily edit many profiles: professional 👔, personal 👨‍👩‍👦, hobbies🦸‍♂️,

With a simple click, your phone shows the corresponding QR-Code.

Each person you meet will get the right details!

Many profiles can be managed through the interface